Sander Meinema

Sander is a dedicated, ambitious and professional (Java) Software Architect & Engineer. He is fascinated by the different types of workflows for software development, the structure in code and CI/CD. He is able to masters new techniques and apply them fast, because of his ability to go through a steep growth and learning curve. He possesses a hands-on mentality and quickly adds additional value in different environments. His code is logically built and commented. Sander writes his code in such a way that others can understand and re-use it. Sander has a highly developed analytical way of thinking and is strong in reasoning and content. With all these qualities he is fast in gaining an overview, he is able to see the core of the problem and come up with efficient and non-usual solutions. Sander over the years has developed his people skills extensively and is able to thrive within company’s different politics. He has organized many meetups and knowledge sessions for developers and management. He has also become an experienced Scrum Master who keeps focus on the MVP, adding iterative and fast business value, keeping an eye on code quality, maintenance, and a happy team. Keywords that characterize him are responsible, serious, robust, reliable, modest with a hint of humor.