Jettro Coenradie

I love to learn new technologies and provide solutions using these technologies to business problems in the heart of our customers’ business. I prefer working together in teams with multiple disciplines and diversity in experience levels. That way, we can all learn and teach at the same time, creating something great together.

For most projects I do, I guide a team of professionals in creating the optimal solution. I helped several customers like KLM, VidaXL,, and Coolblue to create or improve their search solutions in the past years. I am actively involved in the search community, have given presentations at conferences like Devcon, NLjug, and Berlin Buzzwords. Besides search, I have helped several customers with lightweight and scalable architectures. Among these customers are Rijksoverheid, Sanoma Learning, and ServiceHouse. Some of the solutions are based on CQRS, using technologies like InformationGrid and Axon Framework. Other solutions are data handling heavy, or have high scalability desires.

Besides creating solutions for customers, I like to teach. I am a strong believer in the Luminis vision that Knowledge is the only thing that increases through sharing. In my professional life, I give Elasticsearch training and do coaching. This is what I like to do in my personal life as well. Therefore I have been a volunteer at the local soccer club, and I teach kids in school about how cool technology and software engineering is.