Codemotion Amsterdam 2017

Machine Learning Search
  • Relevant search results (with elasticsearch) by Jettro Coenradie
    You want to give your site visitors the best user experience. To accomplish this, your visitors can search as well as browse your content. Search is only relevant when results are meaningful to the visitor. In this talk, Jettro will introduce you to the concepts like precision, recall and relevancy. Jettro uses Examples to show concepts in the context of search, autocomplete, suggestions and grouping of results. Used technologies are: Angular, Java and elasticsearch. After the presentation you’ll have a good idea about the steps you need to take te present your visitors relevant results.

  • Machine Learning from a software engineer’s perspective by Marijn van Zijlst
    Lot’s of software engineers seem to avoid the field of machine learning because it seems hard. In this talk I want to give developers an intuition of what machine learning is using visual examples and without using mathematical formulas. I want to show that machine learning will make things possible that cannot be achieved using traditional procedural programming. I will identify high level components of a supervised machine learning algorithm: vectors, feature spaces, neural networks and labels.

  • Real life cross-platform application development using Xamarin Forms by Frank Folsche
    Now Xamarin has been bought by Microsoft there is even more talk about it. In this session I will walk you through the development process of a real life Xamarin Forms application. The session will include a quick overview about difference between normal Xamarin development and Xamarin Forms. After that we will do a deep dive into the development tools and design patterns used to develop the application. It will show how you can create native apps with 90% code sharing among Android, iOS and Windows.

  • HTTP/2 in Action by Piet van Dongen
    We’ve all heard about HTTP/2, but what’s in it for us? Is it really that much better? How can we start using it? During this talk, we will explore HTTP/2’s new features while creating our own web server, demonstrating new features like server push, multiplexing and header compression. At then end, we can proof how HTTP/2 benefits not only the end user, but developers and operations as well!
Machine Learning Search