Brain Upgrade: Unraveling the mysteries two-way TLS and certificates


Securing web applications has always been a difficult task especially when it comes to SSL/TLS and Certificates. Most of the time we try to avoid taking this responsibility and toss it to the Ops Engineer, but not anymore.

During this meetup, Hakan will explain the basics of securing your application with one-way and two-way authentication. He will also explain the concepts of keystores, certificates, and the handshake procedure. After the presentation, there will be a section with exercises to get some hands-on experience on how to set-up your own application with mutual TLS.

Make sure to bring your own laptop for the hands-on portion of the meetup. Make sure you have Java 8+, Maven and your favorite IDE installed.


18.00 Doors open
18.30 Food
19.00 Presentation
19.30 Hands-on
21.00 End