Brain Upgrade: Microservices tracing with Sleuth, Zipkin & ELK


With great distribution comes also great responsibility. The usage of multiple (micro-)services increases the risk of losing the overview of traceability of errors and lagging performance. A well-setup ELK stack comes in handy to keep more specific track of issues occurring to your services.

But what if we want to find a specific trace concerning several services and want to know the performance of each service? With the help of Sleuth and Zipkin, we have some helpful instrumentation tools which can provide a helping hand in tracing down slow performance issues. In this session, we will explore how we can setup Sleuth into your Spring Boot services and use it into your logging monitoring to add some extra overview in your services. Next, we will use Zipkin to find the culprit which is slowing down our services.

Further, we will find out where we can add extra settings in our setup, to improve the combination of logging & monitoring even more and make it even possibly useful for complex integration tests. After this session you will know how to use Sleuth and Zipkin to enhance your insights in the performance of your services.

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18.00 Doors open
18.30 Food
19.00 Presentation
19.30 Hands-on
21.00 End

Please note: bring your own device to join the fun. The exercises will use Spring Boot, but other frameworks can also be used.