Brain Upgrade: Introduction to Cloud Native Architecture

arnhem brain-upgrade meetup

Cloud Native is the name of a particular approach to designing, building and running applications based on Infrastructure-as-a-Service combined with new operational tools and services like continuous integration, container engines and orchestrators.

The overall objective is to improve speed, scalability and finally margin. Not just for internet-scale giants like Twitter, Netflix or Facebook, but also for more modest workloads.

But how does that work? And what is the impact of such architecture on the way we design and develop software? In this session Bert Ertman will explain the concepts of Cloud Native Architecture and the impact on traditional system design and development.


17:00: Doors open
17:30: Dinner served
18:00: Presentation
19:00: Drinks and snacks

Target audience

Anyone interested in cloud development, architecture, design and operations.

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arnhem brain-upgrade meetup